What is a Quality Coach Camp?

QCC is all about fostering deep conversations about how we can improve quality within our organisations. The event is limited to twenty people. You must have hands on quality coach experience to attend. The day is focused on practioners sharing their experience and contrasting and comparing different approaches. 

The day will begin in a typical unconference style where its the participants who determine the content and the format. Each person writes down experience they would like to share and provides a verbal overview of the topic.  People then get the opportunity to dot vote on their preferred topics.  This will help determine the order of the day. Typically the day is performed in a single track format. We will begin with topics that have the most interest. 

Each person has an opportunity share their story. We recommend keeping these stories to 10 minutes. After that, there is a Q&A and the option to brainstorm a solution (if that is what the group votes for). There are no time limits on this part. However, we will vote after a fixed time to see there is sufficient interest.

This continues until either we go through all experience reports or we run out of time.

Topics open for discussion:

  • What is a Quality Coach?
  • Skills of a Quality Coach
  • Quality Coach Case Studies
  • How do we measure Quality?


The date is the 15th of June 2019, starting at 9am finishing ~ 5pm.


We will meet in the lobby of 155 Clarence Street at 8:30 for a 9 o'clock start on Level 5. We will go up at 8:45. The lift is operated by a key so try and be on time!

Cost: Free

(If we don't get sponsorship for food and drinks, it will be buy your own)

Food and Drinks

Not essential but we all know we work best on full stomachs. Sponsorship of food would be totally appreciated! Will your company sponsor food for the day?

T-Shirts ?

We're low key, lost cost and low on waste, we're not doing any swag stuff, though a t-shirt would be kinda cool.....

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